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ECO Assignment

Introduce and analyze a macroeconomics topic of your choice using the concepts and tools learned in class. Pros/Cons of raising the minimum wage, is my topic


1. Begin by reviewing the background information on macroeconomics and the various macroeconomic topics covered in class.

2. Choose a macroeconomics topic that interests you and that you would like to explore further. This topic can be related to current events, a specific country, a specific period of time, or any other aspect that you find relevant.  Examples of topics:  Impact of inflation on American families, Impact of the Ukraine/Russia war on the global economy, Pros/Cons of raising the minimum wage, Supply Chain issues, etc.

3. Utilize the concepts and tools learned in class to analyze the chosen topic. This can include analyzing data, comparing different models, discussing policy implications, etc.

4. Write a report outlining the chosen topic, the results of your analysis, and any recommendations or conclusions that you have drawn.

5. Make sure to include any relevant data and examples to support your analysis and recommendations.

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