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INTL420 Week 2 

Discussion Board writing assignment for Week Two

1. Describe some of the historical influences that impact North Korean narratives and social identities, and their perceptions of Americans and South Koreans. 

2. What do North Koreans say about their reality in relation to the world around them?

3. Describe some of the ways that cultural analysis is applied in the military today. (Use Week One and Week Two readings to support your answer).  

4. The editors of Practicing Military Anthropologydescribe Christopher Varhola’s (“Ethnicity and Shifting Identity”) arguments in favor of increased collaboration between military operations and anthropologists and other social scientists as “nested in linkages between analysis of specific cultural patterns and military operations.” What cultural patterns does Varhola believe could have been better understood (to the benefit of military operations) in Iraq, Sudan and East Africa?

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