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MKT 265 Milestone One  


The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing, and companies must be nimble and able to develop, evaluate, and change their digital marketing strategies in a short amount of time. Traditional marketing allowed marketers to create brand messaging and control how it was shared with an audience. But now more than ever, control over what is said about a brand or product has been put into the hands of consumers. The internet, social media, and mobile platforms have given rise to the voice of customers, and marketers have had to adapt.

Prompt: For this assignment, you will select a brand from the provided list and analyze its current digital marketing strategy. Begin by selecting a brand, doing your analysis, and then answering the questions in the critical elements below

My selected brand: Harley-Davidson

Specifically, the following critical elements from Final Project I must be addressed:

I. The Brand’s Use of Digital Marketing: In this section, you will examine the current marketing strategies used by the brand you selected.

A. Describe the strategy the brand is using to position itself in digital media (social, mobile, and online). Support your description with examples.

B. Describe how the brand’s digital media strategy relates to its overall marketing campaign seen in print, television, and online. Support your description with examples.

C. Examine whether the digital marketing activity aligns with the organization’s overall brand. Support your response with examples.

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