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Strategic Plan

Agape Pregnancy Resource Center (2022). About the Agape Pregnancy Center: Founders, board, and staff. Retrieved May 22,2022 from Abortion Clinic Alternative – Agape Pregnancy Resource Center (agapedsm.com)

Strategic Plan

A strategic plan is about thinking, organizing, and predicting, based on thoroughly grounded research and documentation. From your previous coursework of developing an outline, conducting a SWOT/PEST analysis, and developing a budget, you have the basis for compiling a full and complete strategic plan for your chosen organization.

Your strategic plan must consider the appropriate elements, depending on whether your plan is for a program or agency in a government, for-profit organization, nonprofit organization, or hybrid organization. Accordingly, your strategic plan will recognize the priorities, goals, and objectives of the appropriate organization. Remember that a normal timeframe for a strategic plan is five years, and for a short-range plan up to five years.


For this assignment, create a strategic plan for your chosen organization. Your plan will have nearly all of the following components (headings), depending on whether you are preparing a public sector, private sector, civil society sector, or mixed (hybrid) plan. Include the following:

· Format Structure:

. Executive Summary.

. Board Authorization of Strategic Plan (in the case of a corporation).

. Organizational Description.

. Mission, Vision, and Values.

. Goals and Strategies.

· Appendices:

. A. Action Planning (including objectives, responsibilities, and timelines).

. B. Description of Strategic Planning Process Used.

. C. Strategic Analysis Data (external analysis, internal analysis, and list of issues).

. D. Goals for Board Committees and Chief Executive Officer.

. E. Staffing Plans.

. F. Operating Budgets.

. G. Financial Reports (budgets, statements, etcetera).

. H. Monitoring and Evaluation of Plan (criteria, responsibilities, and findings).

. I. Communicating the Plan.

Your narrative for this assignment should include the following:

· Develop a realistic budget for your chosen organization.

. Explain what makes it realistic.

· Apply strategic planning theory to your organizational strategic plan.

. Explain which theories are most relevant to your plan, and why they are important.

· Assess the mission and vision relationship to expected outcomes for your chosen organization.

Submission Requirements

· Written Communication: Communicate your strategic plan by writing in a professional manner that exemplifies doctoral-level critical thinking and analysis in your paper. Do not just present a summary of the readings.

. Objectively evaluate and report on the findings of your research materials and the readings from the course.

. Make points that are logical, substantive, and relevant, based on the presented evidence.

. Avoid written errors that detract from the overall message.

. Clearly identify in your paper where you are addressing each grading criterion or part of the assignment.

· Length: The executive summary should be 750 words, with a minimum of 150 words per section of the plan, plus a reference section with citations.

· Number of Resources: Minimum of fifteen resources listed at the end of the outline in a reference section.

· APA Guidelines: Format resources and citations according to current APA style and formatting guidelines. Use APA-formatted headings and subheadings, as appropriate.

· Font: Times New Roman, 12 point.

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