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Unit 4  


1. Define the trait theory. Why is this theory difficult to define since traits are individualized especially as personality traits relate to crimes?


1. Recall the origin of the theory of rational choice and explain how it relates to criminal choices.


1. You are an investigator assigned to a recent homicide involving an unidentified victim whose body was found fully clothed but stabbed 20 times in the chest and back. Her hands and arms show defensive wounds. The victim’s dress style suggests that she may have been a prostitute. Her body was found in a creek bed about a mile from a known prostitute hangout inside the city limits. What evidence can you obtain from the victim’s body, the crime scene, and from interviews with the other prostitutes who knew her? How can such evidence relate to generic information provided by recent criminology and victimology research relating to crimes against prostitutes? How does the social structure theory apply to this scenario? What other criminology theories apply? Explain. 

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