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1. Not all companies use a balanced scorecard to evaluate performance. If you were a managerial accountant for such a company, how would you convince upper management that switching to a balanced scorecard would be a good idea? In your reply to your classmates, explain whether you agree or disagree with their argument and why.

2. Using your favorite search engine, locate some information about a company that you are interested in. Identify at least two major strategic capital decisions that have been made by this company since its inception. What financial and nonfinancial issues do you think the company’s management considered when making these decisions?

3. You overhear your coworker say that only the balance sheet and income statement are needed to evaluate a firm’s financial health. Do you agree with this assessment? Why, or why not? Explain.

4. How do you think a cash budget could help a firm to manage its current assets in a more efficient manner? Does it impact working capital? Why, or why not?

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