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(4) Week Course completion for Computer Science Database Management

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Hi All,


I welcome you to the CIS350 Database Management System course. Please find attached a copy of the 
course outline with a tentative schedule and 
course policy with all the information that you will need for this course. These documents you will find under 
Getting Started in the D2L BrightSpace course shell. I strongly encourage you to save all the dates and events on your calendar, in one month accelerated format keeping track of these dates is even more important.


This class chat session will be on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:30 to 7:30 PM (PST), 

First chat session will be on April 4, 2023. 
If, because of any reason, you miss first chat session please make sure to review the recorded session or check with me or any of your classmates since I will cover important information related to the course and a few other things.


The time and date for all the chat sessions are also provided in the course outline. Chat sessions are not mandatory however, you are strongly recommended to attend these chat sessions. If you miss any of the chat sessions, you are strongly recommended to review the recording of this session before the next scheduled chat session.


In this class, you will be working on a database design project. I recommend you start forming a team 
(5 to 6 students per team) and start thinking about an application domain for which your team would like to design the database. Please feel free to contact me to discuss your ideas about the project. Detailed information regarding the 
Database Design project is attached for your reference, the same is also available under the 
Project tab in the course shell. 


Please feel free to contact me if you need any additional information. I wish you the best of luck with the course and hope you will enjoy and learn a lot from this course.



Please read the following points carefully and make sure you understand each one of them;

1. It is not a weekend reading course. You are expected to participate, understand, and

complete assigned tasks on a regular basis. Students should realize that they are expected

to perform at a full-time equivalent. (4.5 Credits = 45 contact hours per month). Students

should estimate between 10 – 15 additional hours per week for reading, research,

assignments, and exam preparation.

2. Have the textbook before the first day of class.

3. It is your responsibility to reserve a time slot to complete course-assigned tasks (Quizzes,

Assignments, Exams, etc.) as per announced times.

4. I may send emails to you so if you are using a different email address than the one saved

in SOAR, make sure you change and/or set up your email properly.

5. You are also expected to check your email quite frequently for any Assignments/Quizzes

or other announcements.

6. The contents and order in which the course material is covered in the class may vary from

that provided in the course outline handout.

7. Do not completely rely on the handouts/notes provided at the course shell in the

BrightSpace class. You are expected to read from the textbook as well.

8. If you miss a quiz/exam there will be no make-up for that quiz/exam unless you have

discussed your situation with me in advance and I have agreed to an alternate

arrangement. Saying that you missed an email or forgot about the due date/time is

not a valid and acceptable excuse to request makeup or any other compensation.

9. Assignments must be handed in on the announced dates. Late submission will carry 20%

penalty for each day, including weekends and holidays. No assignment will be accepted

once the graded work has been returned and/or the solution to the assignment has been

discussed and/or posted/emailed.

10. Chat sessions are not mandatory however, since we have discussions on important

concepts, you are expected to attend these sessions. If you miss a chat session, you are

strongly recommended to view recorded sessions and it remains your responsibility to

make sure you have not missed any Assignment or Announcement and/or any other


11. I reserve the right to modify course policy, the course calendar, assignment, quiz, project,

exam due dates, and grades for each assignment and/or general grade distribution for the

entire course.

12. For the proper progress of all class-related work, decisions made during a chat session

will be counted as valid decisions for all class memb

Database Design Project

School of Technology and Engineering

Department of Computer Science and Cybersecurity

CIS350 Database Management Systems



During Weeks 1, 2, and 3, you will be working in small teams to complete a Database Design

Project. There will be a deliverable due at the end of each week for Weeks One through

Three. Please ensure you read the Database Design Project overview below.

I am expecting numerous discussions before you submit your project. It will not be a good idea to

delay working on these project assignments close to the due date as that might result in a poor

design and thus poor grades. However, it remains your responsibility to initiate these discussions

among your team members using BrightSpace Session or any other means (ZOOM) that you find

workable. In case you want to discuss your project with me you can do so either by setting up an

appointment or during scheduled chat sessions.

Your first step is to identify the application domain your team would like to focus your

database project. It is suggested that you pick an application that you will enjoy working with

since you will be stuck with it for the next three weeks! Try to pick an application that is relatively

substantial, but not too enormous. For example, when expressed in the entity-relationship model,

you might want your team’s design to have in the range of five or so entity types, and a similar

number of relationships. In the past, I have accepted as reasonable those designs where the total

number of entity types plus relationships was in the 8-14 range but have questioned others. You

should certainly include different kinds of relationships (e.g., many-one, many-many) and different

kinds of data (strings, integers, etc.), but your application is not required to use weak entity types

if they are not appropriate for your application.

Please only have one team member submit (ONE SUBMISSION PER TEAM) the following on

or before the deadline each week in Word format.

DELIVERABLE #1: 3 Points. Due (Sunday, April 9, 2023, 11:55 PM)

Description of the domain/application and its database that you propose to work with for three

weeks. Your description should be brief and relatively informal (TWO to THREE Pages). If there

are any unique or particularly difficult aspects of your proposed application, please point them out.

Your description will be graded only on suitability and conciseness. Be sure to include a Report

Title Page with your Team Name, the names of the individuals that are part of the team, the

submission date, and yo


School of Technology and Engineering
Department of Computer Science and Cybersecurity

CIS350 Database Management Systems

INSTRUCTOR: Mudasser F. Wyne, Ph.D., ([email protected])

Professor of Computer Science.

PROGRAM LEAD: Dr. Lu Zhang ([email protected])

DEPARTMENT CHAIR: Dr. Frank Appunn (@nu.edu )

Department of Engineering and Computing

E-Mail : [email protected]


Database Management and Design, Grove, A., Hansen, G., & Jackson, R. (2022). Database management

and design. MyEducator.



Fundamentals of database systems. An introductory approach to developing database applications; students

learn to evaluate a business situation and then build and design a database application. The focus is from

systems design to distribution and integration of the system through hands-on experience. Core theories and

ideas of database management systems are also covered.


Upon successful completion of this course, the student will be able to:

• Describe database application development cycle.

• Understand disk and file storage for data.

• Explain queries and constraints in SQL.

• Explain transaction management and concurrency control.

• Integrate business intelligence and data warehouses.


Students are expected to attend all class sessions, participate in all class activities, complete exams and

quizzes as scheduled, and turn in all assignments on time. Failure to do so may result in the loss of points.

Students are required to not completely rely on lecture notes and read their text materials in addition to

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