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Assessment Description

Review any school board policy and student handbook of your local public school site or district for information regarding their policies on short- and long-term suspensions of students. 

Write a 500-750-word essay summarizing:

  1. The due process requirements prior to a short-term       and a long-term suspension of a student at your local site or district.
  2. Are the due process procedures for a short-term and       a long-term suspension of a student the same or different?
  3. Are these requirements consistent with Goss v.       Lopez? Support your position with examples from case law, the U.S.       Constitution, or other readings.
  4. Mention the due process for students with IEP as       well as 504. Are they different rules other than the students in the       general population or is there a difference for IEP/504 students?

This must be written in APA style as well as there must be at least 3 references total. Please no plagiarism. Thank you

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