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 Identify 3 “aha’s” as you have progressed through the program.

What are your thoughts now regarding the role of the professional nurse?

How will your integrate related cultural and/or spiritual aspects into your role as a professional nurse?

Remember to include both a citation and a reference to receive credit for the initial post!

Nurs 4685 Module 7 Discussion Board

Identify 3 “aha’s” as you have progressed through the program.

I have had numerous “aha” moments as I progressed through the RN-BSN program. One of these
moments was when I understood the importance of nursing research. One research study pointed
out that nursing practices based on research findings are more likely to result in the desired
patient outcomes across various settings and geographic locations. Researchers stated that
nursing research maximizes the effects of good clinical judgement. When evidence is used to
define best practices rather than to support existing practices, nursing care keeps pace with the
latest technological advances and takes advantage of new knowledge developments (Youngblut
& Brooten, 2018). Another research study pointed out that nursing research has helped advance
nursing practice, shape health policy, and improve health on a global scale. Researchers stated
that nursing research has a tremendous influence on current and future professional nursing
practice, thus rendering it an essential component of the educational process. Nursing research is
critical to the nursing profession and is necessary for continuing advancements that promote
optimal nursing care (Tingen et al., 2019). Researchers have stated that raising consciousness
about the clinical significance of nursing research should be an important priority among nurse
researchers (Polit, 2017).

The second “aha” moment I would like to discuss is when I learned that most healthcare errors
and mistakes occur due to healthcare facility system problems rather than human error. A
research study pointed out that it is important to recognize that errors occur in healthcare
facilities; learn from them; learn how to prevent them; and improve patient safety. Researchers
stated that fear of punishment makes healthcare professionals reluctant to report errors. While
they fear for patients’ safety, they also dread disciplinary action, including the fear of losing their
jobs if they report an incident. Unfortunately, failing to report contributes to the likelihood of
serious patient harm. Healthcare workers who work in an environment where they feel
comfortable enough to speak up provide safer patient care. Research has proven that most errors
made in healthcare facilities are due to system errors rather than human errors. This study
discussed some common reasons that healthcare systems fail and errors occur. Researchers stated
that system errors occur when there are communication issues; when there is no insight into the
hierarchy, when there is no solid leadership, when facility staff does not know whom to report
problems to; when staff fails to disclose the issues; and when a disjointed system has no
problem-solving ability. System errors can occur because there are deficiencies in education,
training, orientation, and experience.

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