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  The body of the paper should be 3 pages with a maximum of 5 pages. Papers should also include a title page and the reference page, per APA format. The title and reference pages do not count towards the page length requirements for the body of the paper. Students are required to follow APA format for this assignment, double space, and utilize Times New Roman 12 point font. Papers should utilize proper grammar and should flow smoothly. Introductory paragraphs and concluding paragraphs are expected. Headings are encouraged. 

CASE STUDY:Mr. Paul Wallace, age 78 years, is ready to be discharged from the hospital after being treated for a cut on his scalp, the result of a fall from a ladder. While discussing discharge, Mr. Wallace tells Gina Kirk, the social worker, that since his wife died he frequently skips meals, sometimes for a couple of days at a time. He says he does not like to shop and does not like to cook. Ms. Kirk offers to make arrangements with Meals on Wheels, but he tells her not to do so. Ms. Kirk thinks that Mr. Wallace is not in as good shape as he believes himself to be and that he will only be able to continue in his own home with the support of Meals on Wheels. Ms. Kirk arranges to have Meals on Wheels delivered to Mr. Wallace five days a week. Ms. Kirk is sure that Mr. Wallace will like having the meals available when they arrive, but it he does not, then he can discontinue the service. 

  • Prompt: Ms. Kirk’s supervisor becomes aware of this situation and believes Ms. Kirk’s actions are unethical. Explain this position and use evidence from the code of ethics to support this position. Then, offer a solution that would be ethical and can be supported by different evidence from the code of ethics. 
  • Use the NASW Code of Ethics, course materials, and at least one scholarly article from outside our course materials to support your paper.

Position Paper Grading Rubric

Student Name:

Core Curriculum Category 14

Ethical Issues and Perspectives

Course Learning Outcomes

Does not meet expectations

1 or 2 points

Needs Improvement

3 points

Meets expectations

4 points

Exceeds expectations

5 points

1. Gather and
analyze evidence from a variety of sources pertinent to the issue under study, including materials that might support opposing points of view.

The student provides weak evidence from outside sources or lacks scholarly content.

Does not have all 3 sources.

The student seems unprepared for the assignment or discussion. The student participates but does not provide organized evidence of supporting and opposing points of view.

All 3 sources but not scholarly.

The student gives few examples of the evidence to support decision or evidence from scholarly sources is thin. Student provided some material for the debate that represented both sides.

COE, textbook, and one scholarly source used.

The student gives
several examples of evidence from a variety of sources and focuses on scholarly information. The student offers clear evidence that supports and opposes the decision.

COE, textbook, and 2 sources to support both positions are effectively utilized.

2. Evaluate
the logic of persuasive rhetoric in arguments for all major positions on a topic and formulate
cogent counter-arguments to each one.

The student speaks only in terms of their own perspective and makes no reference to alternate viewpoints.

Student utilizes a personal view/perspective.

The student speaks in terms of his/her own perspective but struggles to clearly articulate an understanding of the alternate viewpoint.

Only one position is described. An alternative viewpoint is not clear.

The student identifies a perspective of other than his/her own and explains how the topic of discussion may be viewed through that perspective.

Two distinct view points are clearly articulated

The student identifies

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