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 Throughout this unit, the discussion of socialization theories, such as social control and social learning, have focused on individual responsibilities versus societal problems. For this assignment, you will include the components listed below.

  • Present on which perspectives (social control or social learning) best support the societal problems approach or the individual responsibility approach. For example, social control = societal problems, and social learning = individual responsibility.
  • Discuss the policies and programs that support your selection.
  • Discuss the reinforcements, punishments, and discriminative stimuli for your selected perspective.
  • Explain your judgments with evidence-based research.

A minimum of two pgs in length and include an introduction. You should also include a minimum of four resources, and one resource can be your textbook. Please select additional resources from the CSU Online Library or through an internet search (scholarly, peer-reviewed, or authoritative), and make certain that your chosen resources are no more than five years old. 

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