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Topic 1)  Think about what you learned from viewing the selected grade level videos you chose from “Through Your Child’s Eyes.” Identify the grade level you focused on and summarize the challenges the students faced. Consider the “Model Code of Ethics for Educators (MCEE)” and describe what viewing the videos taught you about how dyslexia affects students academically and away from the educational environment and the ethical responsibilities associated with ensuring that the needs of these students are met. In replies to peers, discuss commonalities you see in the realizations you had about the effects of dyslexia and ethical responsibilities that could be associated with this disability and share additional examples of the ethical responsibilities and effects of this disability on students in and away from school. 

Topic 2)  Discuss the unique challenges faced by students with disabilities and describe how you can adopt the tenets of the Christian worldview perspective to encourage a classroom culture that respects and values the individual differences displayed by all students, regardless of disability. 

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