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Assignment Instructions 

  1. Click on the attached file above to download. This assignment consists of chapters 8-10.
  2. View the course calender (under the Tools & Resources section) for the assignment due date.
  3. Complete your assignment in MS Word and save it to your computer. Your assignment must be typed.
  4. Upload your assignment by clicking on “Browse My Computer” for Attach File. No work will be accepted outside of the dropbox unless arranged with the professor.
  5. Failure to follow any or all of these instructions may result in a 5 point reduction in your grade.

One point will be awarded for each correct answer and grades will be given as a percentage.

Please note: No Late Assignments will be accepted. All assignments have a two-day grace period allowing for submissions without penalty after syllabus due date!


CHAPTERS 8, 9, 10 (Total 115 points)

CHAPTER 8 – Female Reproductive (52 points)

A. Create a medical term from the following definitions: (12 points)

1. pertaining to under the breast _______________________________________________________

2. removal of the uterus ______________________________________________________________

3. surgical repair of the breast _________________________________________________________

4. inflammation of the breast __________________________________________________________

5. visual examination of the uterus _____________________________________________________

6. removal of a breast ________________________________________________________________

7. scanty menstrual flow ______________________________________________________________

8. painful menstrual flow _____________________________________________________________

9. absence of menstrual flow ___________________________________________________________

10. abnormally heavy or long menstrual periods ____________________________________________

11. inflammation of the Bartholin glands __________________________________________________

12. pain in the vulvar area _____________________________________________________________

B. On the line provided, give meanings for the following abbreviations, then write each abbreviation next to its explanation below: (20 points)

Part One:

1. AB _____________________________________________________________________________

2. C-section ________________________________________________________________________

3. CIS _____________________________________________________________________________

4. CVS ____________________________________________________________________________

5. Cx ______________________________________________________________________________

6. D & C ___________________________________________________________________________

7. FSH ____________________________________________________________________________

8. G ______________________________________________________________________________

9. GYN ____________________________________________________________________________

10. hCG or HCG _____________________________________________________________________

a. _______ Pituitary gland secretion that stimulates the ovaries

b. _______ Pregnancy hormone

c. _______ Lower, neck-like portion of the uterus

d. _______ Study of women and disorders of the female reproductive system

e. _______ Spontaneous or induced termination of pregnancy

f. _______ Localized cancer growth

g. _______ Sampling of placental tissue for prenatal diagnosis

h. _______ Surgical incision of the abdominal wall to deliver a fetu

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