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TEC 5343 – Front End Web Development

Final Project Instructions – See Final Project Schedule for Due Dates!
NOTE: This Lab Project Contains 3 Pages of Instructions!

Step Instructions Complete?
(1) You are tasked with developing, from scratch, a website for an organization that is

either real or fictitious. This is a MAJOR project, worth 25% of your grade in total, and
should be treated with as much seriousness as such a valuable project entails. You
should approach this project with the same methodologies employed by the Web
Development Cycle (which is covered by Lecture Video 2).

The following criteria are REQUIRED as expected minimums for the project:
(1a) The site must be planned utilizing wireframes.
(1b) The site must promote the products and/or services of an organization.
(1c) The website must be published and accessible on a web server.
(1d) The site must employ Responsive Web Design and be designed for accessibility.
(1e) All graphics and media (such as videos and images) must also employ Responsive
Web Design.
(1f) All embedded APIs must also employ Responsive Web Design.
(1g) The website must function in Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge.
(1h) The website must function properly on desktop computers, tablet devices, and
(1i) The website must be written from scratch and be compliant with HTML5 and CSS3
(1j) The website must utilize interactive elements created with JavaScript and/or jQuery.
(1k) The website should utilize principles of Search Engine Optimization.
(1l) The website must be validated by an HTML and CSS validation source, and proof
must be provided of results and accompanied by written justifications of any unresolved
(1m) The website must be tested by at least two other people.
(1n) The website must include a contact form.
(1o) The website must utilize good practices of design and typographical principles.
(1p) The website must contain at least four pages: (1) Home (index.html), About
(about.html), Products/Services (products.html or services.html), and Contact
(1q) Prior to final submission of the website to the D2L Dropbox, you will need to
complete a 5-minute video presentation of your website to be viewed by peers in your
critique group. The presentation must cover the following points: (1) Describe the real
or fictitious organization the site was designed for, (2) Demonstrate the Responsive
Web Design functionality that you have created, (3) Highlight any unique showpiece
features you have created, (4) Provide detail on other items you would have liked to
have incorporated into the site. This video presentation must be submitted to the D2L
Discussion board created for this purpose so that your site can be critiqued by your
(1r) Within your peer critique group discussions, you are to view the presentations of
each of your fellow groupmates a

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