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Bowling, John C., 1949-
Grace-full leadership : understanding

the heart of a christian leader / John C.
Bowling. — 2nd ed.
p. cm.

Includes bibliographical references.
ISBN 978-0-8341-2602-2 (hardcover)
1. Christian leadership. I. Title.
BV652.1.B69 2011


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This book is respectfully dedicated to
Vernon Bowling, my father, and John
Cheeseman, my father-in-law, two
grace-full leaders who built outstanding
businesses while honoring God as much
on Monday as they did on Sunday.

Everyone has an obligation
as well as the privilege of

leading in something.
—Charles E. Jones

Title Page
Copyright Page
About the Author
Introduction: An Overview of Grace-
Full Leadership
Section One: The Qualities of Grace-
Full Leadership
1. Grace-full leaders are more

concerned with spirit than style
2. Grace-full leaders are covenantal

rather than contractual
3. Grace-full leaders view people as

ends—not means

4. Grace-full leaders recognize the
changeable from the changeless

5. Grace-full leaders seek
significance, not just success

6. Grace-full leaders are responsive
as well as responsible

7. Grace-full leaders are high-touch
8. Grace-full leaders maximize

influence and minimize authority
9. Grace-full leaders are passionate
10. Grace-full leaders focus

primarily on the body, not the

Section Two: The Traits of Grace-Full
11. Grace-full leaders understand

12. Grace-full leaders interact rather

than react
13. Grace-full leaders follow their

14. Grace-full leaders are willing to

follow as well as lead
15. Grace-full leaders maintain their

16. Grace-full leaders have double

17. Grace-full leaders “go deep”
18. Grace-full leaders are skilled


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