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Write a 100-150-word abstract about what this paper is about and what will be included—which should be a GLOBAL attraction (

in a place you were born,

in a place where you have lived or are currently living,

that you have ALREADY VISITED and with at

least one million visitors
per year, and from the list of instructor-approved options). NO UNITED STATES ATTRACTIONS ARE PERMITTED. Relate the selection of this attraction to your major or area of interest. You may you the I/me tense, but only in this abstract and the last section of your paper. Otherwise…this paper shall be entirely cited data from reliable sources. LOOK AT THE SAMPLE PAPER FOR IDEAS. Leave your opinion OUT OF IT. DELETE AND REPLACE THIS.

InsertNameofAttraction: A Global Attraction

Section 1: NameOfAttraction Overview

NameofAttraction Description & Significance

Highlight this and replace it with a picture of your choosing. Then, provide a citation in the caption text box below. You can drag this wherever you want in the document, just be sure the caption is below it. You need to format it to ‘wrap text tight’ so that it tucks neatly into your writing.


This project goes faster if you open the sample paper and refer to it as you write. Go through your whole paper now and replace all of the NameofAttraction’s you see with your specific attraction—title, subtitles, everywhere. You need a minimum of two caption and cited pictures in this paper, do this now. For this paper, start a new paragraph with a single tabbed indentation. In this overview section, write a
minimum of 2-3 sentences, always synthesizing into your own words throughout the entire paper except for
sparing use of quotes, providing a brief description of the global attraction that will be featured (Author(s) Last Name(s) or Article Title, Year). What if there is no date? Use n.d. for no date like this (Jones & Perez, n.d.). What if there is no author? Use the title of the article like this (Belize Travel News, 2019). Also, write a
minimum of 1-2 sentences on why it is significant from an economic, social/cultural, environmental and other reason(s) (Author Last Name or Article Title, Year). DO NOT USE THE I/ME/WE/YOU tenses anywhere in this paper except the very last section (your perspectives are welcomed there, and only there). This is NEUTRAL research…do not attempt to sell your destination. Just find facts from reputable sources, synthesize into your own words. The reader will evaluate the attraction based on your research—not your opinion or sales effort! This is not a blog or travel advice. If you use

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