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Homework #5 Advanced Instructions – Personal Values Paper

This homework is not due until Week 6.  However, I wanted to provide you advanced instructions so you can start thinking about it.

Homework #5: Values Analysis

The purpose of this assignment is to critically analyze the personal values that are associated with your life.  Specifically, you are to choose those values that when combined, account for the key values with which you guide your life. 

Throughout this course we have examined and discussed not only how VALUES are “who we are,” but how they can create bias which consequently can create errors in critical thinking.  These values, when practiced over years of life can often become ingrained biases which “filter good critical thinking practices” away from our thinking and behavior.  The values we posses often become like “blinders” on us that prevent us seeing other perspectives which are essential to creative and critical innovation and thinking.

Instructions: Your task in this paper is to identify FIVE of the your most endearing important personal values and identify how they both guide you and hinder you in your critical thinking.  So as you can tell there are two parts to this assignment (each with it’s own heading to clearly identify you have completed this assignment): 1) identify
and define (
using a citation) five of your values, and then 2) identify how they both guide you
and hinder you in your critical thinking.  

If you merely tell me what your value is and why it is your value without analyzing why that value both guides you and hinders you then you will fail this assignment!

Please define each of your values using an appropriate source with citation for each value.  Dictionaries, WIKIPEDIA, and other “high school-ish” type sources are not appropriate for this assignment.  But other non-traditional sources (like the Bible, poems, works of literature that are of personal significance, etc.) can be used with this assignment.

Values can be anything like: family, politics, God/faith, spouse, patriotism, work, home/nesting, art, wealth, education, writing, children, freedom, travel, health, culture, music, animals, food, joy, thrill-seeking, peace, artifacts/objects, vacation/free time, books, personal appearance, prayer, nature, beauty, etc.  The list can go on and on..

However, and this is important, the following values cannot be used in this paper since they can be almost universally agreed on as nearly everyone’s values.  In other words, you cannot use the following values in your paper:





Your values are your values, and will no

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