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Hypertension in African Americans in Inglewood, California

DNP Project I: SWOT Analysis Assignment

Utilize the approved DNP project topic to complete a gap and SWOT analysis. This activity will assist in the development of the DNP Project Proposal throughout the course.

A gap analysis is a process where an organization compares its current practice to practice expectations or goals (e.g., benchmarks) (Leonard & Bottorff, 2022). The purpose is “to identify discrepancies between known benchmarks for efficient and effective health care delivery and practice with the real-world conditions” (Davis-Ajami et al., 2014, p. 18). A gap analysis answers the questions:

1. Where is the organization now?

2. Where does the organization want to be?

3. What can be done to close the gap?

The gap analysis will guide the aims, objectives, and interventions for the DNP scholarly project. It is completed in 5 steps, the last of which is a SWOT analysis.

Step 1: Identify the Current State/Problem

Identify the current state. What is the problem/clinical question for the project topic? Is this a new problem (a few months) or has it been ongoing for a while?
Briefly describe your findings below.

Step 2: Identify and Define Best Practice

Identify and define the desired state and the best practice needed to reach the desired state through a comprehensive literature review. Evidence must include a least one (1) national guideline, evidence-based protocol, or regulatory standard.
Briefly describe the desired state and best practice needed below. Cite sources of best practice.

Step 3:
Gather Data

Gather data at the project site to figure out the nature of the gap. Ask questions of everyone involved, at all levels. What do people notice day to day surrounding the problem? Which team members play a role? Review documentation and organizational policies and procedures–do they contribute to the problem? What are the barriers to best practice implementation?
Create field notes for use in Step 4.

Step 4:
Measure and Benchmark

Complete the Table below, based on the data collected at the site in Step 3 and best practice evidence from Step 2. See examples from the presentation.

Best Practices

Best Practice Strategies

How do project site practices differ from best practices?

Barriers to best practice implementation

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