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In this Assignment, you will continue working with the object or expression you used for the discussion. You will need at least one source from the Walden Library, Google Scholar, or other academically relevant source.

Note: Wikipedia and About.com are not considered academically relevant sources for this class.  

Here are some examples of how you might research your significant object. 

· If you selected a family heirloom, consider finding out more about what was happening in the world the year it was made. 

· If it is a quilt, you could research the history of quilts. 

· If it is a famous painting, song, or book, there will be articles about the artist or writer readily available. 

· If you selected a photograph of a family member, you might research what sort of life events portraits record. 

· If you selected a piece of music, you might research its origins, or how it was received when it was first released.   

TO prepare.

· Use the Significant Object Worksheet to evaluate your significant object. Make sure to answer every question and prompt. 

· Apply what you have learned in Assignment 1 by using quotation marks and citations where appropriate. 

· Use proper spelling and grammar.  

· View the rubric for grading this assignment to make sure your work aligns with how it will be graded.  

Required reading (learning resources)

· Ministère de la Culture. (n.d.) 

LascauxLinks to an external site.

https://archeologie.culture.fr/lascaux/enLinks to an external site.

· Student Affairs: 

Code of Conduct and Academic IntegrityLinks to an external site.

Last discussion

One of the most famous images from the Lascaux caves is the Great red and black horse found in the “Hall of the Bulls,” located at the entrance chamber and occupying the panel’s central portion. This image is estimated to be around 17,000 years old and features a series of large bulls and other animals like horses and deer. The bulls are depicted dynamically and energetically, with twisting and turning bodies and overlapping horns. If I were the artist, I would hope that future viewers would see the strength and power of these animals and perhaps even feel a sense of reverence for them. I might have created the image to honour and celebrate the natural world and the animals that were so integral to our survival at the time. My impression of the world the image portrays is awe and danger, where humans live close to powerful and unpredictable creatures.

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