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Discuss MTSS framework, how the system works including screening, progress monitoring, decision-making process, benefits of the MTSS, considerations for ELLs, linguistic and cultural factors to consider, and implementation of the MTSS framework. Discuss MTSS consideration for ELLs

Compare the MTSS framework with your experiences with IEP’s and IFSP’s. Discuss how an IEP’s and MTSS would or has impacted your lesson planning.

Make 3 questions



Download mtss-for-mls-ells.pdf

11_8_MTSS for NYACTE 2022.pptx

Download 11_8_MTSS for NYACTE 2022.pptx


Grading Rubric for Discussion Boards 




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Submissions are grammatically correct, po

Integrating Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS):
EPP Self Evaluation Process

Presented by members of NY CEEDAR State Leadership Team

(Collaboration for Effective Educator Development, Accountability, and Reform)

Shannon Budin, Ph.D.

Andrew Hashey, Ph.D.

Jane Sileo, Ed.D.

Denise Ferrara, M.S.Ed.

Susan Corey, Ph.D.

Abstract / Overview

NY CEEDAR State Leadership Team collaborated with NYS Personnel Development Grant (SPDG) to create and use an MTSS-I Innovation Configuration.

This self-assessment tool helps educator preparation providers determine the extent to which essential practices of MTSS-I are taught, applied, and practiced by candidates within preparation programs. This panel will share processes and outcomes of self-evaluation. 

Brief MTSS I definition

Abstract overview- 1 min

Brief MTSS-I definition- 1 min (Denise?)



Classroom Management

Culturally Responsive Teaching

Educational Leadership

EBPs for Math & Reading


ICs promote the implementation of evidence-based instructional practices in teacher preparation activities.

They include essential components of a practice / topic.

Universal Design for Learning

Writing Instruction & Assessment

Sensory Impairments

Technology in K-12 Content Learning

Transition Services

What is IC? (Shannon) 2 min


Numerous reports provided… Matrix Example

Courses in program

Essential Components of Topic area (MTSS)

What is IC (continued….Shannon) 30 sec


Round robin


Our Process


Courses Targeted

Immediate Change

Longer Term Change

Overall Take-Aways, TIPS, &
Possible Points to Consider

Structured process provides a framework that allows you to reflect & impact thinking.

Provides way to engage in continuous improvement.


Ideally individual faculty who teach course review & enter their own syllabi

Flexibility by program

Awareness of our own knowledge and application gaps that may need to be filled.

i.e., Pre-teaching vocabulary & concepts related to MTSS-I (professional development), as needed before / during process.

Points to Consider:

IC elements may/may not align to institutional philosophy

MTSS-I looks different (and t

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