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Organization Strategy and Project Selection

Essay 1 Assignment

Preparation Instructions:

1. Compose the assignment using Microsoft Word.

2. The paper should be formatted using double-spaced, Times New Roman, 12-point font,

and one-inch margins.

Content Instructions:

1. Pick a topic of interest to you from Chapters 1-6 of your textbook.

2. Use the UWA library or online journal to find an article(s) that relate to your topic and

compose your essay.

3. The Essay must be at least 500 words.

4. You should use the template that follows:

Global Issue: Type out the Topic (In bold)

Review of Subject

The answer in a brief paragraph with any table or list to demonstrate you know the content of

the material. No opinions, discussions, conclusions are to be reviewed in this section – just the

facts of the subject in a clear concise answer. This section should be no more than 100 words.


This section provides you the opportunity to outline and review your ideas about the essay

question, where it applies in business, what applications or sections that the content is

important, and where it might be applicable in your own company. Three hundred (300) words

are more than sufficient to cover this section. Originality, creativity, application to practical

everyday business problems is the key to answering this section. Research to find several

important aspects about the subject question in the UWA Library is expected.


Your conclusions incorporate the Review of Subject (facts) and Discussion (opinions) into a

crisp series of supporting findings based on your research. This section should support your

position and show careful thought and good reasoning in your essay conclusions. The

conclusion section should also demonstrate that you thoroughly understand the material. This

section requires at least 100 words.


A separate page in APA format included with your submittal with references listed is required.

You should consider at least two to three references per submittal. More may be required to

support your conclusions. The references should be the most current data.

Submission Instructions:

1. Save the paper as “yourname_mg300_essay1.doc.” (i.e.,


2. Access the Assignments link, located on the Course Menu to upload this assignment as an

attachment to the Essay 1 drop box.

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