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POST # 1 Reply to Regine

Clinical practice

My plan for completing my clinical hours this term requires dedication and determination. I am aware of the time commitment required for these projects for me to succeed. I’ll allot more time to think back on what I’ve learned, turn in any assignments related to the clinical hours (like SOAP notes), and be frank with myself. In order to get ready for the following week and keep caught up, I must create a thorough schedule. I’d also like to get better at writing SOAP notes. My success in school and, more significantly, as a certified nurse practitioner will be aided by this ability. I want to get better at communicating with patients, no matter what their circumstances, ethnic background, or issues may be.

During my clinical rotations, I hope to broaden my knowledge and gain experience. Also, I want to apply what I know to provide each patient with the best care possible. I’ll base my clinical decisions on evidence-based practice, and if I’m unsure, I’ll be happy to seek advice from my preceptor. I must keep in mind that there will be many difficult moments because this is a learning process. This is a brand-new difficulty for many of us in this classroom, including me. Instead of allowing ourselves to become overwhelmed, we should be ready and eager to learn at all times.

Evidence-based practices should be applied through patient interactions and our decision-making in order to give patients the best treatment possible. I’ll be able to make better decisions if I communicate with and treat patients using high-quality, evidence-based care, which is the only way to make care safer (Wilson & Austria, 2021). I wish everyone luck over the next eight weeks as they work toward these objectives for the course.

POST # 2 Reply to Ashlesha

Clinical Rotation

The clinical rotation in health care is very important to familiarize the student with and transfer learning outcomes from education to clinical practice. (Taylor et al., 2021) I am doing my clinical rotation in a family medicine clinic managed by family nurse practitioners. I talked with my preceptor over the phone, and she seemed friendly and flexible and started my first day this week. I plan to do clinical rotation primary care for all ages, a 4-8-hour rotation per day, three days/per week, according to my preceptor’s

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