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For the Week 2 Problems activity, you will complete and submit the following items:

Chapter 3

• Problem 1

• Problem 2

• Problem 10 (Hint: Compute relative performance and CPV’s)

Note 1: Problem 10 above will use the data set found in C03Data.xlsx.

Note 2: In order to earn credit for your answers to the problems, you are required to show all

supporting work. Also, you may be expected to use Microsoft Office applications (Excel, Word, and/or

PowerPoint) when showing your supporting work. If you use a ‘template’, save all of the information

(numerical ~ formulas/visual ~ charts, tables, graphs, etc).

You may upload each problem from Chapter 3 one at time (LastnameFirstnameWK2Problem#) or you

may combine all problems into a compressed zip file (LastnameFirstnameWK2Problems.zip).

Chapter 4

• Referring to the five Deming’s Points (6, 7, 8, 10, and 13) that relate directly to the notion of

empowerment, which is the most important of the points and why? Relating to employee

empowerment, page 170 includes a list of 7 requirements that require significant change in an

organization. Which one of these requirements presents the greatest challenge to implement?

Referencing this list, how can empowerment relate to improving quality of your



1. Ski magazine conducts and annual survey of readers to rate ski resorts. They used the

following attri- butes as the basis for the survey: snow, grooming, terrain variety, challenge,

value, lifts, service, weather, access, on-mountain food, lodging, dining, après-ski, off-hill

activities, family programs, scen- ery, terrain parks, and overall satisfaction. Classify each of

these attributes using the eight dimensions of quality (i.e., performance, features, etc.).

2. Classify the following customer requirements for a hotel using the five key dimensions of

service quality—reliability, assurance, tangibles, empathy, or responsiveness.70

• Hotel equipment is always functioning

•Hotel staff is knowledgeable to answer guest’s


•Hotel has comfortable beds, furniture, and fittings

•Guests feel safe as services are delivered to their


• Hotel services are provided as promised

•Hotel has well-dressed staff

• Hotel staff is always willing to help guests

• Hotel furnishings ap

Prob. 3-10

Problem 3-10
Powerful Portable Computer Designs
Attribute Importance Computer A Computer B
Speed 20% 7.5 7.8
Active memory 25% 8.5 8.0
Portability 15% 6.5 5.3
Reliability 30% 9.1 8.8
Price 10% 3.1 5.2
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