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This is a graded discussion: 10 points possible due Apr 3 at 7:59am

Forum: The HPV Vaccine Case Study

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The HPV Vaccine Case Study  

Participation in this discussion forum is mandatory and will therefore be evaluated as part of your final grade. Before

participating in forums, you must study the module’s content; section 3 is particularly helpful. 

In this module, we’ve seen how the HPV vaccine case study has developed and grown into an awareness campaign. Discuss

the HPV Vaccine case study by answering the following questions: 

How did you answer the three questions at the end of the case? 

What messages would you propose—for pediatricians, for parents, and for adolescent patients—to market the HPV


Which of the Cognitive Concepts for Marketing are your messages based on? 

How would you test your messages? 

Recommended length: 150-300 words  

Evaluation criteria:  

Relevance: The participant’s comment is relevant to the discussion topic. 

Quality: The participant supported their argument with credible sources that were cited appropriately. 

Engagement: The participant responded to other comments with meaningful contributions to the discussion.  

Keep in mind: 

You can share linked documents, websites, resources, etc. in your post on the discussion forum.

In addition, you must respond and offer feedback to at least one post from your fellow participants. Click “Reply” below

another participant’s comment to respond. 

We remind you to respect your peers and contribute comments related to the topic at hand when participating in


To comment, click “Reply” just below the instructions. Enter your ideas in the text box, then click “Post Reply.” Replies to a

comment are grouped as a conversation thread within the forum.


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February 2023







SCI-ENG-004 Feb23 Assignments

Unlimited A!empts Allowed

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Cogni”ve Principles in Marke”ng

This assignment is mandatory and will therefore be evaluated as part of your final grade. This assignment must be completed individually. Before
a!emp”ng the assignment, you should study the module’s content; sec”on 2 is par”cularly helpful.


In this module, we’ve seen how cogni”ve psychology can reinforce our marke”ng strategies.

Follow the steps below:

1. From your professional experience, choose a case that you believe can be addressed using the cogni”ve principles from this module. Complete a
marke”ng brief for that case.

2. Alterna”ves if you do not have a good case to work on based on your professional experience:

Choose a brand or product you are familiar with as a consumer
Or, write about the HPV Vaccine case—but only if you can go into greater depth or offer a more complete solu”on than what you created or heard
in the interac”ve modules on the course website, and in the Discussion Forums

You have the op”on to complete step 1 using this Marke”ng Brief Template.

Recommended length: between 1-2 pages/500-1000 words

Format: Text Input/Word Document/PDF Document/PowerPoint Presenta”on

Please view the Text Editor Guide to learn more about how to include links, upload images, and use other resources in your assignment.

Choose an op”on below. Either type your answer or a!ach your document below, and click “Submit.”

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February 2023







Assignment: Cogni!ve Principles in Marke!ng
Due: Mon Apr 3, 2023 7:59am

10 Possible Points

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