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Pretend that you are writing a review for a entertainment website. This means writing in full and

clear sentences. Briefly provide the general info about the show you watched (what it is called,

who writes it, who stars in it), tell me what it is about, and tell me why it is interesting to we who

are studying religion. You can discuss a TV show as a whole (such as I do in the example

below), or an individual episode of a show. You must include the IMDB link to the show at the

end of your submission.

Reviews should be about 300 words long (my example is 254).

Submit them here and I will grade them, but you won’t receive feedback unless you request it.

You can submit up to 4 reviews through this same portal. Any review after 4 will not count

toward participation marks


Please submit as doc, docx, or PDF files.

Please format your file with Times New Roman font, size 12, double spaced

Please begin your review with your name, student number, and our class ID


You do not need to be an expert on the religion in the show in order to review it. Knowing about

Islam, for example, might help you recognize religious things not explicitly stated in Ramy, but

it is not required.

Use examples from the show! Show me how the show discusses religion, don’t just tell me that it


Focus on how religion is presented in the show. Is it mentioned explicitly? Does the show

present religion(s) in positive, negative, or neutral ways? Can we learn about religion(s) based on

the way that the show presents religion(s)?

Ian Brown



This summer I watched Ramy on CraveTV. The show focuses on Ramy and his family, Muslim-

Americans living in New Jersey. The show is written by Ramy Youssef who is also the star, and

focuses explicitly on the fictional Ramy’s quest to balance his life in secular America with his

desire to be a good Muslim: in particular, Ramy is trying to date, but his expectations constantly

lead him to reject the women he meets. Ramy is an interesting character as he tries to be a good

Muslim throughout the show, but he is also a profoundly selfish character. He often acts without

thinking, and then tries to justify his actions by claiming that he is being a good Muslim. For

example, during Ramadan Ramy vows to abstain from sex, fast between sunrise and sunset, and

attend Mosque. At the Mosque Ramy meets a married woman, helps her carry her child home,

and then has sex with her. The show includes many moments of tension such as this: Ramy sets

out to do something good (observe Ramadan), b

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