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Week 2 Assignment Worksheet

Bisola alarapon


March 19 2023



For this assignment, you will practice your pre-writing techniques. You will narrow from a general theme by finding a focus, and you will use brainstorming and clustering to generate more ideas about each focus.


Please complete all of Parts I-IV in the worksheet below. 



Part I. From theme to narrowed topic 


Please fill in the blanks, using the theme your instructor assigned your class for this session. (If you do not know the theme for this session, please review the announcements in your course. If you cannot locate the theme for this session, please contact your instructor.)



theme my instructor assigned the class for this session is __

Procrastination in the classroom


Now let’s narrow that theme into a specific focus, first by coming up with three possible focus ideas. Here you will think about different aspects of the theme before you choose which ones to write about more.


Focus Idea One: The impact of procrastination on student academic performance.

Focus Idea Two: Examining the reasons why students procrastinate.

Focus Idea Three: Strategies for overcoming procrastination in the classroom.


Now, let’s see which of these focus ideas you have the most to say about as you do some brainstorming and clustering.


Part II: Brainstorm


one of your focus areas above (
choose either Focus Idea One, Focus Idea Two, or Focus Idea Three), and complete a brainstorm by listing at least five reasons why that particular focus is important.


Focus Idea Two: Examining the reasons why students procrastinate.

1. To better understand the underlying causes of procrastination and how to effectively address them.

2. To identify whether procrastination is caused by external or internal factors.

3. To gain insight into how procrastination affects the academic performance of students.

4. To discover potential strategies which can be used to help students overcome procrastination.

5. To create an environment that is conducive to students completing their work on time.

Part III: Cluster


Choose a different focus idea (
choose either Focus Idea One, Focus Idea Two, or Focus Idea Three) from your original list and complete a cluster brainstorm to expand your ideas about that particular focus. You can insert your cluster below using the “shapes” feature in Microsoft Word, or you may complete the cluster by ha

Week 4 Assignment Worksheet 




In Week 2, you created possible ideas for your 5-paragraph essay. For this assignment, you will develop an outline and expand supporting details for your essay’s three body paragraphs.


Please complete each item in this worksheet.  



Part I. Reviewing Your Brainstorm 

In your week two assignment, you created both a brainstorm and a cluster using two focus ideas over this session’s theme. Now you will choose which of the narrowed topics (which “focus idea”) you would like to write about for your full five-paragraph essay.

Choose the
one focus topic from the
Week 2 worksheet, Part I, that you would like to write your paper over.

Write that one focus idea here: ______________________________________

Example: ____________Decorating a home___________________________

****Note- this is not a topic you should be writing about because
you are writing about the session’s theme that you were given by your instructor and about which you wrote in the Week 2 worksheet. The examples here are just for guidance.

Part II. Moving from Brainstorm to Basic Outline

Looking back at your Week 2 worksheet, you did generate some ideas for a couple of your possible focus ideas. You did this because we always need to brainstorm/cluster/etc. to understand the content we will place in our essay. It is likely that that your chosen focus idea above is one you either brainstormed or clustered in Week 2.

Based on your
single chosen focus idea for your essay (Part I above in this worksheet), use either the brainstorming or clustering from your Week 2 worksheet to identify
three main points for this one focus idea and put them into the spaces below labeled “I, II, III.” Remember: You are narrowing now. You are writing about just one focus idea, digging more deeply into that single focus idea.





I. Example: Decorating walls (remember- this is just an example; you are using the session’s theme and the focus idea you chose)

II. Example: Decorating floors

III. Example: Decorating with furniture and objects

Now, you will expand the three main points above by outlining your three main body paragraphs for your essay.
Each main point above will be one paragraph in your essay, so you will need more details for each I, II, and III.

So, please fill out, in outline form, each main idea, “I,” “II,” and “III.” “I,” “II,” and “III” will stay the same as above, and then for “a,” “b,”

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