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what would be your response to her Q&A

Through my experience, I have seen a few leaders provide effective and ineffective work. One leader, in particular, is a human service manager in charge of various departments within an agency, in this case, a hospital. This manager acquires multiple traits of a leader, such as; a high energy level, open-mindedness, and determination (Lewis et al., 2012). These traits carry over into their effectiveness in leading a human service organization, as they can utilize their skills to build trust and respect within their team and has strength in their ability to problem-solve (Lewis et al., 2012). For instance, within this organization, every day is different, and you don’t know what will arise. One day multiple people called out, meaning various units would go without coverage. So they used their skills to problem-solve and find ways to delegate tasks to ensure everyone receives the care they need. However, some people may look at this and think it is an ineffective way to lead a team, as it pulls team members from their assigned units and causes them to split their time. The leader can be more effective during this time by covering the unit themselves or finding ways to hire staff relief who can come in and cover the units when someone is out. That way, the team can still give 100% to their assigned units without feeling the stress of splitting their time and focus

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